Caloundra retirement village Sunshine Coast April

April Caloundra Gardens Village News

Life begins at 60, they say, that magical crossroads between       career and retirement.

A time when you start to turn your attention away from the responsibilities of career to and look towards having fun, exploring all different types of interests.

For us it was a time to look at finances, where we lived (as I didn’t want to clean that huge house we built for all of our children)the travel we wanted to do and most importantly having time to explore with that special person in your life.

We sold our ‘family’ home and started to look around for something smaller. I first of all rejected living in a Retirement Village, and then we discovered the ‘Independent Living’ village here at Caloundra Gardens. The average age is around 60 and we all have fun doing the activities that we want to do like, Lawn Green Bowls, right here on the bowls green in the village, Line Dancing, Swimming, and Croquet amongst a whole range of craft, card playing and fun with board games.

It’s when we have a dinner dance that you can let your hair down and dance the night away, if that’s what you like to do, or, sit and have a drink with your friends from our licensed bar.

Many of the residents travel a lot, either cruising the world, touring the world or caravanning, travelling Australia being away for 12months at a time, such freedom.

Am I sorry I moved into a ‘Retirement Village’ at 59? No …. I have been around the world, cruised a lot; in fact some of my friends here at the village, are going on a cruise on the Panama Canal next week, then a tour of South America ….. Exciting !!!!!!

We must never isolate ourselves we need to find someone to talk to ……. Get involved in a group that is fun to laugh and joke about a whole range of topics……

Build a support network this will also include your family …… Talk to your grandchildren on a regular basis they will keep you young and alive.

Most importantly take time for ‘YOU’

With Anzac day just around the corner we can all reflect on their sacrifices in order for us to have the life we here in Australia have today…….

Look forward to retirement, as the last how many years prior has been a practice .
Till next time ….. Enjoy life…… it’s no dress rehearsal .