August Caloundra Gardens Village News

Someone asked me if I knew where Christmas in July came from or where it originated?
So on to the net I went and found out this information …… “Christmas in July” is a term that originated in Australia. As we all know, the Australian weather pattern is totally the opposite of that in the Northern Hemisphere. When it is summer in Northern Hemisphere, it is winter in Australia. Since Christmas and winter/snow is synonymous, Australians have a Christmas-like celebration in July, and hence the term however they also celebrate Christmas as well.

Our Christmas in July dinner dance went really well. We ate a fabulous 2 course dinner and danced the night away, all the while we were eating chocolates. A huge thank you to the Social Club committee for yet another awesome evening.


CHATTING is one activity that can be enjoyed by all ages, that is exactly what happens every time we have functions.

Attached are some photos of the evening …….

Our next big evening is the 17 September for our Talent Night or as we call it “Our Oscar Night” ….. we have so much undiscovered talent here at Caloundra Gardens it’s wonderful when everyone comes together to celebrate it ……..

WE look forward to welcoming new residents here to our village home……. Hope we can welcome you one of these days to our home.

A little piece of paradise between the beach and the mountains.