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November Caloundra Gardens Village News

I can’t believe we are on the downward slide towards Christmas, dare I say it. We are enjoying truly amazing weather, here at Caloundra Gardens.

The Sunshine Coast beaches are looking their best, and on Bulcock Beach it is so serene and calming looking at our beautiful Sunsets over the Glass House Mountains, especially having some fish and chips and a bottle of wine, on one of the picnic tables, on the beach.

So Be a Local Tourist

Time to travel and discover where we live. The thrill of exploring a new place and the reward of that experience is forever stored away in our minds but we don’t have to go far and wide for this experience. Sometimes these exciting places are right next door to us without even realizing.

We have the beautiful mountains all around us to escape too on a hot day, as well as our pristine beaches right here in Caloundra.

We tend to get a bit complacent of where we live, however, we tour when we’re on holidays and jam everything into each day. When we live close to these places the temptation is to say ‘I’ll go next week’ but the reality is that you never end up going.

So today we’re asking you to be a tourist. Explore your local area and go to those places you keep putting off. With summer here, it’s the perfect time to start planning a trip or two, or have a spontaneous idea up your sleeve!

sunshine coast retirement village football night sunshine coast retirement village footy night

Here at Caloundra Gardens we have the lead up to Christmas in full swing. A Footie Night was planned to celebrate the win of the Two Qld teams in the Grand Final, add some great entertainment, and excellent food and you have the perfect evening. The attached photos tell the story.

A record number of new residents have moved into the village in the last 6 weeks with more coming this month. We have just 3 homes left to sell ….. most of our older residents, who have lived here 15yrs or more have decided it’s time to go and live closer to their family, with one moving back to the UK this month. Sad to see them leave as they are very much a part of the community, but I guess the time has come ……

We do hope you all have a wonderful month …… And stay safe.